About Us

Bright Green Solutions is an engineeringfirm in the field of sustainability and energy. By centrilizing sustainability from the very first phase you are ensured that a reduction in the cost compared to a traditional implementation is feasible for your projects. All techniques used have one thing in common: it must contribute to a more sustainable world.

Our full range of services ranging from business development, process- and project management enables us ending your project successfully. Often our services ensure you to save money in the long run via sustainable design and execution. Bright Green Solutions is using innovative techniques helping you saving money and reaching your sustainability goals. Therefore your company runs efficiently and enforces a stronger position on the marked.

Our projects ensures you a lower energy bill and an increasing amount of green energy. Our clients are government, industrial and private.

For more information please contact us via the contact form of per telephone +31 6 19208005

Sustainable regards,

Michiel Moret