The balance between man and nature has been disturbed. By restoring the balance, all parties will profit. This is best done in a sustainable way saving the world as well. Water will become more and more important in the world. Not only the lack of it, but also the abundance of it. Let alone salt- vs potable water.

Bright Green Solutions has international experience in the field of wildlife rehabilitation and reconstruction activities, for example, by realizing the so-called sand storage dams in dry riverbanks in Africa. These dams will capture the water once it starts raining. Groundwater level will rise giving life to Evergreen spots. These grasses provides for food for goats or cattle. This provides income for the people. As a result, a complete village in Africa can flourish.

We believe that by restoring natural habitats, man and nature can flourish again and the key of doing so is water.

Sustainability beyond borders !

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