We want to achieve a saving for all the people who use energy. No one can really do 100% without energy. It is important that the energy used has been produced in a sustainable way and is not unnecessarily wasted. Re-use of waste heat is an example of this. The link with the infrastructure is, for example, in innovative techniques like heat exchange pipes for sewer systems. Another technique which can be used water turbines which can be used with low falling heads.

Current society needs energy. In order to supply energy to everybody in the world without  exploiting earth’s natural resources a change is needed. We  believe that decentralised power production units will become more important in the future starting now. We also expect that emphasis will lay more and more in electricity and therefore the need for electricity will grow.

This electricity can best be produced using solar panels, enhanced geothermal systems, wind and water power. Production scale can vary between house to geothermal electricity power plants. The big advantage of solarpanels is that is can be installed on nearly every building.  A large advantage using enhanced geothermal systems is that you not only produce electricity, you also produce heat which can be supplied to greenhouses or complete villages.

We supply the complete process ranging from the first initiation phase to well design, site construct and drilling operation of a geothermal well. Bright Green Solutions works closely with drilling companies in search of hot water.

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