Bright Green Solutions is continuesly searching for new technologies and materials to be used in civil engineering and cunstruction. Techniques and materials that can be used for the improvement of public areas.

By application of innovative techniques in infrastructural works money can be saved if compared to traditional ways of execution.  Although immobilisation is not a new we have found a revolutionary new product for immobilization of road constructions what saves a lot of money compared to traditional execution of works. By look at each elements of the road construction (for example, sand, granulate materials, asphalt) but consider it one construction, a cheaper, stronger and more sustainable way of the execution is possible.

Use of new materials like BIOPREG® can lead to supprising new product or uses. The technical specs looks like reinforced glassfiber and can be used for a broad range of products. The natural fiber enforcement are made of flax or jute patern woven. This enables the materials be be stronger than thermoplastic polypropylene, a much used resin in construction and therefore prizewise.

We continue to find new innovations allowing economic growth to accelerate allowing your company to profit.

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