Sustainable Constructions

Bright Green Solutions helps you creating more sustainable homes and buildings in construction phase or renovation phase. We strive for usage of more sustainable materials in constructions or renovations of buildings. Wood is such a sustainable material. Wood, well managed in production forests, is one of the solutions to help us become more sustainable. The added benefit of wood is that during the growth it consumes CO2. As long as the wood not incinerated, the CO2 trapped in the wood. We only work with FSC certified companies. Our project- and process management skills can help you from the first initiation phase and the search of a building location to design and construct of your sustainable house.

Achieving energy savings in building and constructions without reduction of comfort is very important. A good example of reducing your elektricity bill is the usage of LED as replacement of the traditional TL illumination. LED will ensure more endurance and higher revenues. Saving on gas can be obtained  by isolation of your house using natural materials isolating empty spacing underneath your floor, walls and rooftops but ont the other hand also with sustainable energy production. Final energy savings can be realised by reducing the amount of drinking water used by i.e. showering.

Bright Green Solutions can help you becomming a clean energy producer and become independent of the large energy companies. Bright Green Solutions can reduce the heating costs using heat from sewers, asphalt or natural earth. Use of solar thermal collectors, solar panels and cold/heat storage can also provide for substantial reduction in these costs.

Finally we supply energy solutions on house, street or city level.

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